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You propel the Gospel to be unleashed to this next generation who long to be a part of a deeply loving and emotionally mature community and extended spiritual family, fully developing into Jesus's image. Your gift to this ministry is not just a donation; it is both an investment and a partnership to fulfill Jesus’ final priestly prayer before the Cross! (John 17:20-25)

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So many we know love Jesus so much!

In fact, they continue to serve Him in ways that are extraordinary.

What we have discovered is these same folks are the "dones" who no longer can accept unhealthy expressions of Christian community. In addition, our heart breaks for faithful ministry leaders and Pastors who are struggling to survive to keep the lights on and doors open to the larger Church expressions. Many Pastor and ministry leader friends of ours are truly doing their VERY BEST to serve honorably and take care of the needs of the people, leading unbelievers others to Christ, teach and preaching the Word of God with excellence, etc....

Our desire is come along side both everyday disciples who are feeling isolated and disenfranchised, possibly leaving Church altogether AND our provide the encouragement, tools, training, and support necessary to develop a healthy and sustainable culture of thriving disciples of Jesus for Pastors and ministry friends. For over 100 years, there has been a steady decline and deterioration of our family systems. Functionally healthy, securely attached, emotionally whole families are becoming an extremely rare find these days.

The Church, especially in the West, has not been exempted from the fallout and damage caused by trauma and cycles of brokenness that continue to plague His Church Body. The most difficult obstacle to overcome we have seen in over 25 years of ministry is knowing how to simply and effectively remove all unintentional, ongoing practices and rhythms toxicity from all expressions of Christian community, spiritual families and Church culture.

Predominantly in the Western Church, it’s nearly impossible for Jesus’ disciples to have a thriving walk with Him, in the midst of a healthy Church community/ Jesus-centered family expression. If politics and pandemics have revealed anything, it has shown us all how Churches and Christian communities can be easily torn apart.

How are we to love Jesus well while learning how to make the relationships and bonds of love towards one another stronger than these kinds of problems and plagues? (I John 4:20-21) Also, the removal of overt and covert trauma coupled with having the knowledge and skill to cultivate an emotionally healthy culture and expression of Christian community is NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in the Kingdom of God. However, it’s simply impossible to NOT see just how much these ongoing dynamics continue to hinder the flourishing, while stunting the development, of His people who are instructed to not forsake assembling together (Hebrews 10:25).

Therefore, Hesed Discipleship Network exists to coach and equip everyday disciples on how to create emotionally healthy community, for FREE, so that they may live together from their hearts and not their hurts without confusion or information overwhelm. What started as a simple learning community years ago has led to the emergence of transformational, disciple making communities, an increase of thriving ministry leaders, and increased expressions of spiritual families and forms of church being planted .

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