The Father, Son and Holy Spirit were deeply bonded together as one in Hesed love before Creation began. Emotionally healthy community cannot be achieved
without a culture of Hesed love.

We are transformed into the image of Jesus MOST by who we are securely attached to in covenant love, not through classrooms, programs and information.


Hesed {חֶסֶד}
God’s covenant love that sticks with you and is loyal to the end.
Creating a world where Jesus’ disciples are so deeply attached through Hesed love for one another that the atmosphere of Heaven would exponentially shift the places on Earth where people live, work, learn and play!
JOHN 15:13
There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

Rebecca Caputo

Operations Champion

Rebecca has spent over two decades working in the medical field, including 8 years working at The University of Kansas Health System as an executive assistant in the Cancer Center Research, LEAN Performance Improvement, and Information Technology departments, and currently serves as an Executive Assistant at Life Model Works since 2019.  She is dedicated to providing structure, project management and process improvement to our organization. Rebecca is deeply drawn towards seeing healing and transformation in folks seeking healing from trauma, narcissistic and spiritual abuse and is especially passionate about emotional health and maturity.  Rebecca is trained in Inner Healing/Deliverance Ministry and she serves as part of the Relational Wholeness Team alongside an amazing group of diverse and gifted leaders together for a citywide missions equipping center called The KC Underground.
Mike pic

Michael Miller

Co-Founder/Coaching and Connections Champion

Michael’s focus for thirty years has included aspects of graphic design and brand identity and was a copartner of a very successful brand boutique agency in the KC area. After selling the business he realized how much was invested in things, not Kingdom-centered and how life was lacking deep-rooted relationships.

Today, through Hesed Discipleship realities, he has found fulfillment walking with Jesus and trusted community in a way that has affected his marriage, family, ventures, and so much more. His passion is cultivating relationships while restoring wholeness and purpose in God’s people.

Christopher Caputo

Co-Founder/Organizational Development Champion

Chris is an author, speaker, and CoFounder of Hesed Discipleship Network. From 2000-2010, he served as a former Licensed Addiction Counselor working as Director of Outpatient Services, Mental Health Therapist, University Professor, and Addiction Treatment Center Auditor for the State of Kansas. He continues today as a business owner/Real Estate Agent in Property Management. Throughout his adult life, his passion for ministry has never stopped serving bi-vocationally as part of Church Plant Leadership Teams, a Pastor, Prayer Missionary, and trained in Inner Healing/Deliverance Ministries. Today, he serves as part of the Relational Wholeness Team alongside an amazing group of diverse and gifted leaders together for citywide missions equipping center called The KC Underground.
Our Story


Chris Finds Covenant Relationships (by accident)!
In the beginning, three men (Chris/Brad/George) came together through the Holy Spirit to simply talk about Jesus with a passion for business. Sans religion, classrooms, small group “Churchy” discussion formats, they were JUST BEING with one another with no agenda except to enjoy interacting while catching up with each other’s story, week after week. They agreed to set aside a specific time (once a week minimum) to share their hearts, build trust and see how they can serve one another and their families. Over a short period of time, simple practices such as growing in shalom, building joy, and appreciating each other’s uniqueness were gently weaved into the conversations. Healing and wholeness increased, living more fully from the heart Jesus gave them had emerged and an eternal covenantal spark began – so simple and obscure. Isolation and restlessness of the soul had finally died for Chris the day Hesed-based, secure attachments formed between these men!
January 2019
Here Comes the KC Underground
A disciple-making movement of equipping extended spiritual families on mission through micro-churches emerging began in 2019 called the Kansas City Underground. It was at a local monthly New Thing Church planters meetings where Chris and Rob met and have since become the closest of brothers. Together, they built a deep, covenant friendship, looking for ways for missionaries and micro churches to become better equipped in the importance of doing relationships well and having a close discipling circle of three, much like Jesus who walked the closest to Peter/James/John. As things progressed, Hesed covenant love infected other leaders and friends from around the city to come together to develop these same bonds of love that eventually led to the acceleration of this ministry!
MARCH 2019
Rebecca begins her Hesed Discipleship Journey
Rebecca watched as her husband Chris grew in ways she hadn’t seen before. After experiencing her husband’s transformations she discovered the Holy Spirit was leading her to invite two other ladies into her life to wash their feet and serve them. She prayed for these women to be highlighted to her and waited. In time, she was led to invite two women on this journey and they were prompted to say yes. The ladies enjoyed the simplicity of a charcuterie tray of deliciousness in her living room, week after week, year after year. A second ‘three to five space’ happened. Rebecca discovered the same thing was happening to her and these two friends that had happened for Chris. Discipling relationships emerged, but more importantly, these ladies over a short period of time with weekly consistency, began to grow tremendously in their identities as women in Jesus and their individual emotional capacity to thrive compounded.

April 2019

Michael and Chris Meet
In a local group that was meeting about church leadership, George introduced Chris to Mike. Chris knew it was time to spread Hesed discipleship and invite more men into this reality. Right away, Mike said “YES!” and a third “three to five space” had begun with some new faces. Only this time, the time it took to develop emotional maturity and strong Hesed covenant bonds was moving even faster. Questions from everyday disciples, leaders and Churches surrounding these 3-5 spaces became “how can more people have this type of Christian walk and experience?”

October 2019

12 Space Fully Develops Based in Hesed Love
Five months later, Chris introduced Mike to Rob who had been hosting a larger gathering of about 8-12 men weekly on his patio. Men from different walks, gift mixes, and divine assignments grew stronger and stronger together towards developing deeper relationships, sharing the highs and lows that men go through. Much like the mountain men of old, these men bound together in Hesed love and return to their homes, jobs, and life’s battles a little bit more encouraged, strengthened and edified. This “twelve space” was gaining momentum and also inadvertently shifting the culture of the KC Underground that was given the task of birthing more and more extended spiritual families on mission.
June 2019
Multigenerational Hesed Discipleship Emerges
During the 2020 pandemic, many in these Hesed spaces realized that as Churches were limited and as some even shut down, patio spaces of 3-5 men with men and women with women Hesed discipleship spaces could endure NOT ONLY the most challenging of conditions, but could also thrive in the midst of it! Mike had invited a young man he was discipling into this space whereby a multi generational discipleship paradigm had emerged. Ryan was unsure, at first, how this could be much different than the traditional one-on-one mentoring and small group Church experiences, but soon realized this was a much more raw, organic, effective, simple transformational path.
Is Your Christian Community Set Up To Thrive and Multiply Emotionally Healthy Disciple-Makers?

Know where you stand with the fundamentals of experiencing Emotionally Healthy Community Life – and what the major barriers to success are. After the quiz, we will provide what steps you can take to see immediate benefits. Get valuable insights whether you are a brand new believer in Jesus or have been walking with Christ for decades!

What Others Are Saying About Hesed Discipleship
"Early on I experienced that I was both accepted and respected. I had been the Lead Pastor of a small church plant for ten years leading up to this point. Honestly, I was in pretty bad shape spiritually and emotionally. Being on point for our community at the Journey had taken it’s toll. I don’t think I realized how bad my condition was at the time. By November (2019)there were seven of us meeting God was knitting us together. Each of us bringing our unique gifts coupled with a longing to see Jesus movement. Those early days, with the seven of us, God was moving powerfully. It seemed like each week the Holy Spirit was manifesting powerfully. Looking back, it reminds me of the early church, how the signs and wonders were coupled with the proclamation of the gospel. For me, my reasons for making Thursday night a priority began to stack up. Additionally, the men themselves would prove to be among the best and most admirable I know, and lastly my own gifts and calling were being refined and bolstered. We learned the practice of submitting to one another and encourage each other. We would share our stories, what God was doing in and through us, what victories we’d had in the past and what wounds we’d received. We longed to be heard and whole. This longing proved to be from the Father. God was pleased to provide a community where He would fill all things with, in and through his sons. With that said, I say to God, “I am forever grateful for what You have done by allowing and inviting me into this beautiful thing that Thursday’s has become.” My hope is that this is the first fruits of something God wants to multiply among us."
Bryan Dolinar
Journey Church, Senior Leader
"I have a been a “Christian” since age 5. Over the years I have had various levels of friendship with other Christians including dorm life at a Christian college. So I thought I understood the value that community can have in your life. However, it was not until I began gathering with a group of men around a fire each week that my life was changed. You see, I had sat around many fires with men with no real life change. This was different. These men loved Jesus and loved each other. We were devoted to each other’s growth in Jesus. We learned from each other and were vulnerable with each other. I realized through these men how much Jesus loves me. They loved me unconditionally, prayed for me constantly, and held me accountable to my next steps. In doing so, I have confronted my deepest and darkest memories that held me in a cycle of sin and shame. Jesus replaced that shame with freedom and light…and these men were with me in every step, every tear, and every celebration. This motley crew has become family. We have all grown in our relationship with Jesus as we learn from each other. I have taken steps and leaned into areas of my faith that I would not have without their support. We are brothers who look out for each other, challenge each other, and love each other. And the most amazing thing is how Jesus has worked in us and now through us to accomplish his mission. The fun has just begun!"
Matt Barnse
Government Executive
"Before I met Chris and Michael at Hesed Discipleship Network I was overwhelmed with life's anxieties and did not know where that came from. I could be with my kids, at the grocery store, or doing work I've done for years and out of the blue feel overwhelmed with anxiety, panic, and despair. I had few friends, little time for family, and felt a low grade anger most of the day. After meeting the Hesed team I knew I was with someone who was actually listening to me and carrying that into the presence of God at the same time. I knew they had the tools I needed to find soul health. Now that I've submitted to the Hesed Discipleship process, my wife says I am no longer angry, I have both the time and energy to be with my kids, and work has taken on a new degree I didn't know was possible. Thank-you Chris and Michael for pulling this soul out of the grimy pits of anxiety and depression and setting me on solid rock."
Jeremiah Davis
24/7 Prayer USA, Prayer Trilogy Coordinator