Are You Seeking a Highly Joyful, Simplified Discipleship Training Experience Capable of Accelerating Your Confidence to Build an Emotionally Healthy Community?

If So, Here is What to Expect

Hesed Learning Community FAQ's

NO WORRIES, as we welcome you no matter where you are at in the process. There are over 7 hours of content/videos to go through as we strongly believe in providing a highly impactful experience to help accelerate your understanding and connection to the 7 Day Challenge teachings.

No, not at all. Come as you are, no matter where you are at in the process. Not everyone is a fan of homework, and we totally get it. The tools we created are designed to help anyone start from scratch with some basic elements to help you quickly build your confidence when launching your emotionally healthy community.

The ONLY THING we ask is that you attend all of the sessions. Momentum is gained as we focus together on creating an atmosphere of a gentle, joyful and peaceful bonding process amongst the participants with the Hesed Coaches. Consistency is probably the #1 thing people need in a discipling relationship and a necessary first step to help build trusting relationships.

THAT IS COMPLETELY UP TO YOU. The coaching team has designed this experience in such a way that you can also just observe. Though we may ask some “get to know you” questions in the beginning, it is NOT NECESSARY to feel pressure at all TO SHARE. Though your engagement, input and questions can only enrich everyone’s experience, we never want you to feel you have to do anything. It’s all opt in and invitational 🙂

Hesed Learning Communities are highly experiential with lots of opportunities to observe the interactions. There are LOTS of connective tissue back to the course teachings. The Zoom calls are specifically designed to APPLY each of the S.A.L.V.E. relational skills into the discussions in and organic and natural way, as if we are all around a campfire together, by simulating real live scenarios similar to when you gather with your 2-3 friends.

ABSOLUTELY, without a doubt, there will be time budgeted in for Q & A.

This LIVE Training Will Consist of a 4-Week Journey With The Hesed Coaching Team.

Our goal is to help you put all of the content together in a simple, easily transferable format to help you kickstart and propel your Emotionally Healthy Community forward. Click the registration button below and let us know “I’m Ready To Get Started” in the subject line to get all the details.