Living Books While Living From the Heart Jesus Gave

My wife, Rebecca Caputo, recently received a text from her dear friend, Pam. Pam was overflowing with joy while getting on a plane flying from Michigan back to Kansas City. She was returning from the “Awaken: A Living Books Conference” event designed for home educators and living books libraries.  She was especially motivated and encouraged […]

A Tidbit About Relational Repair

Intelligent Love Series Telling someone you’ve been disappointed or hurt by something they did is actually a loving thing to do… It’s loving to yourself to honor your feelings and needs, and it’s loving to others by giving them an opportunity to learn and make things right with you.   We’ve all done it, right? […]

A Season Of Rest

Rest, as it turns out, is really, really productive.   Working and living from a place of rest is not only sustainable, it actually creates sustainability.  It also creates emotional, spiritual and physical health.   For the past few years I’ve been in a season of rest and healing.  Learning the art of resting was […]

Choose Your Hard

To transform character and emotionally grow up and heal, we need a loving, securely attached relationship to God and also to a few others. (And not always in that order!) We were created for relationship. When we are wounded in relationship, it most often takes relationships in which to heal in. And God shows up […]

Living From Your Heart, Not Your Hurt

When I was handed a little green book a few years ago, I didn’t for a moment expect it to rock the foundation of my beliefs or what I had built my life on. I learned that since I had been hurt in relationship, it would take relationships in which to heal.  That’s just how […]